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[ENG] 쿨톤 • 왓츠인마이백 • ' ? : GIVANCHY (지방시) & 꿀템대방출 MAC•VDL•DIOR•Chloe

: 설정에 들어가셔서 화질을 1080p로 변경해주세요

안녕하세요 여러분 르네입니다
오늘의 영상은 바로 '왓츠인마이백' 입니다‍♀️
과연 저의 가방에는 뭐가 들어 있을지✨✨
영상으로 확인해주세요✨✨

Hello, everyone. This is Renee
Today's video is what's in my bag.
What is in my bag?
Please check the video.✨✨

#Givenchy #지방시 #가방 #bag #wallet #지갑
#pouch #파우치 #쿨톤 #립스틱 #lipstick

Music by. Lukerembo_empty

Music by. Lukerembo_cloud

Music by. Lukerembo_

UNBOXING Givenchy man wallet

2 tones bifold man wallet

Givenchy Logo Card Case | Nordstrom

#Givenchy #Nordstrom

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Product link\u0026breadcrumb=Home%2FBrands%2FGivenchy%2FWomen%2FAccessories\u0026color=vermillion

⚠️Disclaimer ⚠️
This video has been created strictly for educational and informational purposes only. I am simply sharing my experiences, thoughts, and opinions on items which I have purchased for my personal use only.




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