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2020 Mitsubishi Outlander review | Australia

In this video, Amelia reviews the latest 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander in the Exceed trim with a diesel engine and with AWD. Mitsubishi’s Outlanders include a versatile choice of powering options that include petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid variants, as well as four transmission options which include auto, manual and CVT.

Pricing for the 2WD Mitsubishi Outlander starts out at under 30k. Jump up to a mid-spec ES AWD 7 seater with CVT and it costs just under $35 thousand. This top de la creme 2.2 Diesel exceed will cost you a reasonable $46,790. All excellent value when considering the safety features in this 7 seater SUV.

We expect Mitsubishi to have an all-new Outlander in Australia for 2021 and that one should be a noticeable leap forward.

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Peter Gaiter : Is that not a volume +/- button on the steering wheel?????
Casual Viewer : Social distancing, 7:25 dear God people don't you get it!? You're destroying the world. This reviewer put everyone at risk of death! I've been saying this for years!
Bergermeister99 : This woman in the video spends way too much time thinking about her phone and where it is going to go in this car. I have an idea. Leave the phone in your purse and actually focus on driving instead of talking to someone on it. A lot safer. Man, this younger generation has their priorities really screwed up.
Jeffrey Epsteinworldwide : Lol What a presentation
I'm watching you YOU : can you please review the tesla model x
Michael Erzengel : I have ordered the PHEV.
Michael Erzengel : Hot pants
TaArxidaMou : Her legs are amazing
Mervin Palmer : Lurvly bodywork nice long lines don't reckon much to the outlander
Mervin Palmer : Lurvly bodywork nice long lines don't reckon much to the outlander

2019 Mitsubishi Pajero (Shogun) review: Farewelling a hero | CarAdvice

FULL STORY: https://www.caradvice.com.au/?p=786021\u0026preview=true/?utm_source=YouTube\u0026utm_medium=text\u0026utm_campaign=YT_DESC

While the sophistication and complexity of rivals continues to expand, the Pajero sticks to the ‘keep it simple’ mantra favoured by regional and remote buyers, and carving out its own niche in the process.

No model can run forever, though, and with production scaling down for overseas markets, eventually Australia is likely to follow suit. #Mitsubishi Australia tells us #Pajero production will soldier on for a few more years but won't yet commit to an end date for Australia.

#CarAdvice takes a look at why it's popular with 4x4 buyers.


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مصطفى الفرطوسي : Pajero is an elegant car But its specifications are few It is the most
prominent characteristics
Can Bye
Stern controller
Electric seats Front cooling back Monitor GPS
It has a sliding hole
Sewer electric folding
And a back sensor only
كل ذني الموصفات واحسه قليله
TheSkinheadlad : so basically its a dinosaur... waiting for a meteorite
Takudzwa Chimutanda : The 2019 Toyota hilux doesnt even have apple car play and Android auto cut it some slack
jachargrave : I have a 2008 SWB Pajero and I can safely say its the best automatic transmissions in a diesel I have ever driven.
Rice Crash : My last two cars were new Pajero Exceeds. I loved these cars. I update my cars every 4 years, was going to buy my third but alas they are no longer available in Australia. Goodbye Mitsubishi. I have been forced to move onto other manufacturers.
Alfa Romeo : This guy has no idea how to review a car and only cares about the gadgets inside what a moron.
Humberto Rubi : The center Diff gets locked on the 4HLC and 4LLC modes of the transmission. The button he showed while saying it have a center lock is actually the REAR locking Diff. This is just a sample of why you never can get “advice” from this kind of reviews. Thy guy have no idea of the car and just follow a script. When need to know about a car ask to the owners.
jelly iscool : My dad has this car and IT'S HUGE IT'S CONFERTABLE IT COOOOOOL

The truth about the Mitsubishi Triton bent chassis problem | Auto Expert John Cadogan

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peter caldwell : Wouldn't an alarm of some type factory fitted help?
Alex Cawdron : Gvm upgrade
Derek Smith : its an interesting topic, have to wonder if its time that drivers need to be licensed to tow, I see so many overloaded trailers and badly loaded trailers on the roads in NZ (minishitsville)
Tim Bob : Hi John, if you do decide to make a beer garden physics video on bananarisation, can you also talk about the adding of aftermarket airbags to leaf spring suspension? There are arguments either way on whether this causes problems also.
Len Gullotta : F250 anyone?
André : Some should buy a road train...
Rodney Rowell : Man-up guys and just get a Land Cruiser Sahara 200, spend about $70,000 on upgrades and modifications and you'll fall in love with it.
Christopher Pappas : John, as a pedestrian of Retardistan could you please clarify one thing for me...? Is there a law there against driving cross country in Shitsville totally naked...? I was planning to do that but now am thinking about it...! ☮️
Great Basin : Real men don't buy pick up trucks with four doors.
Gary New : 15.56 minutes, that's exactly how my mate bent his hilux.




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