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Yamaha Piaggero NP-V60 "Dual" effect demo

Just a quick sample the "dual" feature which blends a piano sound with the "slow strings" effect.
Clei Feitosa : Ele reproduz mais de 2 timbres no dual e no split ou não?
gerardo9402 : el mismo sonido que el dgx620
Khương Nguyễn Sỹ : is it hard for the beginner to play?
Sirijan Thakur : Due to all those taxes my country has made this piano cost from $300 to $750 :/
UniQ : I really liked the ending hahahaha seriously got me laughing out loud!
Anne Collins : Anyone know where I can find sheet music to correspond with the songs on the V60?
Julien Tardan : the sound of this machine is atonishing,really
Lion Spratt : Hahah.....the End sounded much like me :D
Manuel Suarez : anyone know if I can install other sounds and other pianos?

sapillo6 : Me ha gustado mucho el final, eres un artista.

Kraft Music - Yamaha Piaggero NPV80 and NPV60 Demo

Kraft Music's Adam Berzowski demonstrates the Yamaha Piaggero NP-V60 and NP-V80 keyboards.

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Gold Fish : Hello can you tell me that is yamaha np32 available in india?
Alexander Williams : I would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rick Moore : I worked in a music store for a couple of years and also a camera shop. When I watch your videos I have to admire your excellent communication/demonstrations skills. I wish I had seen these back then so I could have applied your style to my own salesmanship. Really nicely done!!!!
Luis Jiménez : que bien suena
Hayley Andrews : What music rest are you using? I own an NPV60 without a music rest, and can't find one to buy anywhere!!
Cloud9TNdotCOM : What was the first song were you playing at 1:00?
Noosha Jerdi : I had the exact same keyboard in my country! I was in love with it's work!
Lam Hoang : Great sound. Thanks.
goldkutz2 : Could add song or change sound on this keyboard
Luke Davies : This looks perfect for me. I am going to Dawson's to look at one

Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80/60 - Tutorial (part 1)

Learn how to use the Piaggero NP V60 and NP V80 to its powerful full potential. Tutorial on navigation and editing dual and split voices. Arpeggiator editing also. From simple to advanced programing of the Piaggero keyboard piano.
Simo Tazi : This piano is old but literal gold! One of a kind!
Raspberry DarkChocolate : Thank you so much for making this video, I've had this keyboard for almost 5 years and I only ever played using the default Grand Piano because it's such a pain to read through the written instructions. Wish I've found your video years ago.
Sverre Aarø : Hey! Is it possible to layer other melodies on top of each other? I want to play chords, bass, lead and drums all at once, is it possible to just record the chords and layer other melodies on top?
J. code : 25:18
Alexander Williams : I decided to have this next for sure i love it!!!!
Thomas Lausen : I know the keys arent weighted but do they at least feel better than like really cheap keyboards? Thinking about buying this one but kinda concerned about how the keys feel. Also is the sound louder the harder you press down?
Jesús Contreras Medina : 16:00 combine different voices
russel Bustamante : sir you are so very owesome,my question is,how to transpose the v80?
Kiarie de Psalmist : I have recorded asong how can I copy it to a usb? Using v80
Alexander Williams : Awesome keyboard!!!!




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