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Dell Latitude D610 Laptop Review

This is my Review of the Dell Latitude D610 Laptop.
Alfie Laurie : Was working on a d620 but I’m gonna see if I can get a Fujitsu Siemens
wındows стас : I have mines, windows XP Professional Service pack 3. It has dents on the rear side. But display is awesome.
wındows стас : Mines is coming on April 20
Hussain Hussain : DELL laptop latitude D 610 on Kasa kaya jata h
Omar Zowila : I found one of these old laptops in the E-Waste bin at my school
Daniel Taz : I bought a laptop like that for $15 at Salvation Army today still works with tons of rap and hip hop music on it
Lisbeth Sjöstrand : - It's difficult to watch when you out up stuff close to the camera all the time, it doesn't fokus...
Rahim Basal : Who else is using this laptop in 2018?
Yeoj Henrie Sayadi : Still has more ports than the latest MacBook Pro.
Butcher : I have this laptop buyed 1 year ago chip very good - only 4800rpm HDD was slow for Windows 7 or 10 becouse load time was 40s but changed to 320GB 5400rpm and is much faster load OS - have 7 on it all not work drivers are from Vista or XP no problem install. Also run perfect WIndows 10 - load all drivers automatic .

Fast OS load ,games old ,Internet ,Office ,videos ,Music - use it when on Trip portable and for my is like work on home PC

i never upgrade much my PC etc - when work good the u use

on laptop its run HD videos normal from player perfect on net max 480p - up will lag but normal 951MGM isnt pwoerfull.

Fixing the Dell Latitude D610 (Disassembly and Motherboard Replacement)

About time, right?

No ProKhoiGM : Ram where
Thomas Figura : How do you disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable?
Matsu C : thanks a lot.
dom's projects : I am watching you on my dell d 800
Mohand Mohand : 6:05 mint same this cart missing is it ram???
Mohand Mohand : I have one when im tern on the system not start with any thing only black scereen and i see top (_) this only what is wrong and in the back i see some thing missing same ram cart..
A Jo : Where is the cmos battery for this model?
NoctSwift : Aw man, I was about to hold a "ZekTech's dead" party!

RETRO Dell D610 Upgrade 770 Pentium M processor and 2GB DDR2 RAM

Hello All !

Again an Retro stuff :) this time mine main Dell D610 retro laptop, with great display.

This machine is for games till DX9 that work great on it.

Enjoy the video and thanks for watching !
Џон Мастерман : Where are you from buddy ?
Александр Минаев : Why not upgrade PM 780 ?? 780>770
Brandon Upchurch : I wonder if the cooler had been replaced in that unit at some point because I notice the date code on the "JM5B Chip Cooler" over the GPU is March 30, 2007 which seems like the D610 would have been discontinued by that point.
bivek barman : I'm upgrade my hp h610 laptop cpu intel dual cour prosesor it's possible or not?????


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